Work platforms and aerial lifts are used in many different industries and work environments. From window washing to high power line maintenance, work platforms make help workers get where they need to be. The design of the platform or aerial lift depends on a number of factors, including the lift elevation required, the terrain on which it must be balanced and how difficult the work area is to access. Let’s take a look at the main types of aerial work platforms used today.

Scissor Lifts

If it is stability you are looking for in an aerial work platform, scissor lifts are your best bet. Named for the

Work Platforms

Scissor Lifts are great for stability.

characteristic crisscross scissor like design of its lift supports, the scissor lift is great for jobs that require access directly overhead. The work platform is lifted directly above the base of the lift, providing superior stability and weight balance. They are great for painters, electricians and for use in warehouses.

Articulating Boom Lifts

Articulating boom lifts feature a series of hinged booms that unfold and can be maneuvered depending on the contours of the building or work area design. The articulated design offers a balance between vertical height, horizontal reach and the ability to position the platform in hard to reach work areas. The articulating booms attached to the work platform also allow for the platform to be positioned in hard to reach places, including above, over and behind building obstacles and trees. They are a great all around lift designed for both flexibility and safety.

Telescopic Boom Lifts

Work Platforms

Boom lifts are a type of aerial work platform.

As the most common and frequently seen aerial work platform, the telescopic boom lift s designed for maximum vertical and horizontal reach. The boom extends out in straight line from the base of the lift. This design allow for the lift to be positioned away from the area that needs to be reached, avoiding obstacles and difficult terrain. While telescoping lifts are great for jobs that need a long reach and great height, the straight boom design can be cumbersome when the work area is in confined area. Straight telescopic boom work platforms are great for jobs in open spaces and when maximum height and reach are required.

Work Platforms at Reno Forklift

As northern Nevada’s premier provider of forklifts, scales and other types of materials handling equipment, Reno Forklift also offers a variety of work platforms for your warehouse and operational needs. The trusted and experienced staff at Reno forklift will help you determine which type of work platform is best suited to your unique situation.

Reno Forklift is a licensed contractor in Nevada and California and our company prides itself on its personal relationship with its clients and customers. We have been in business in the Truckee Meadows for nearly 50 years—all under the same ownership. We understand the region we operate in and we are eager and well-equipped to help the community accomplish its goals. Come check out our online catalog and contact us today. We look forward to helping you improve the efficiency and safety of your business with quality materials handling equipment.

A good, sturdy and accurate scale is an essential component of any materials handling operation. The scale needs to be rugged enough to endure large, heavy items and repeated use. Scales allow workers to get an accurate weight of objects that need to be moved and stored. This is a vital part of warehouse safety. Many tools and materials handling equipment require accurate measurement of the material weight. An improperly loaded piece of equipment can fail and cause damage or injury. Making sure that you have the right scale for your business can reduce worker injury and cut costs.

The floor scale is the most commonly used type of scale in a materials handling equipment setting. The ability to quickly load and unload large pallets onto the floor scale is ideal for loading docks and warehouses. There are two types of floor scales. There is a standard floor scale and then there is a scale called the platform scale. Both scales sit on the floor, but there are some differences.

Platform Scales

Platform scales are a type of floor scale that feature an elevated platform attached to a display which indicates the

Floor Scales

Platform scales are a mobile type of floor scale.

weight. Platform scales are typically of the mobile variety, with wheels recessed in the bottom of platform. This design has its benefits, but also its limitations. The smaller size of the mobile platform scale limits the weight capacity to between 500 and 1000 lbs., depending on the specific model. Due to its slightly elevated platform, a ramp may be needed to position an object on the scale.

Standard Floor Scales

A standard floor scale is used for weighing bulky objects. The scale is positioned into place on the floor and the object is either rolled or maneuvered by pallet into position. The floor scale is not mobile and so has no wheels or hubs, which allows objects to be maneuvered into position by means of a built in ramp. The floor scale can weigh objects between 1000 to 5000 lbs.  Load cells inside of the scale signal the weight of the object to the attached indicator.

Whether you plan to use a floor scale or a platform scale depends on the type of objects you are weighing, the floor space you have available and whether you need the floor scale to be mobile.

Floor Scales at Reno Forklift

No matter what type of scale you need for your materials handling operation, Reno Forklift has what you need and our friendly professional staff is here to help you get the right scales for the right job. With nearly 50 years of service to the Reno and northern Nevada area, Reno Forklift is the area’s number one materials handling equipment supplier. Come check out our catalog and contact us today!

Pallet jacks are a widely implemented type of materials handling equipment. They are used to haul large loads in and around warehouses, factories, and department stores. They are usually used in combination with loads stored on wooden pallets. The pallet jack features a two pronged fork that can easily slide into place under a pallet. The fork is attached to a mast that operates a hydraulic lifting mechanism. The lifting mechanism allows the fork to be raised so that the pallet clears the fork wheels. Once the pallet is in the raised position, the pallet jack operator can maneuver the pallet and the load around the warehouse, factory, store or other facility to storage or loading dock for transport.

Electric Pallet Jacks

A standard manually operated pallet jack.

The manually operated pallet jack has been around since the early twentieth century. It use has allowed workers to more efficiently manipulate and store large loads of merchandise and other inventory. With the advent of the commercially available electric motor, electric pallet jacks have given workers and warehouses even greater efficiency when moving and storing objects.

Uses of Electric Pallet Jacks

Like the manual pallet jacks, the electric pallet jack provides a mechanical advantage to the operator. The electric pallet jack, also known as a walkie, pallet trucks, or a power jack has a hydraulic pump powered by either an electric motor or manual pump. Instead of the operator being required to pull or push the load, the electric pallet jack is powered by the electric motor. The power palled jack is able to handle very heavy pallet loads. The electric power keeps the worker from having to strain to move a heavy load and can prevent a runaway situation, where a heavy load builds up too much speed on a manual pallet jack, causing its operator to lose control. Because of this, the electric pallet jack is safer for the worker and prevents any damage to material while being maneuvered.

On some models, the operator stands on a small platform and uses a throttle to control the speed. In this design, the electric pallet jack is an intermediary model between a small, manually operated pallet jack and a full scale forklift.

To determine whether you need an electric pallet jack or a manually powered one, consider the type of loads you or your employees will be manipulating, the space in which they will be working, and the maintenance costs of the equipment.

Generally, electric pallet jacks are suited for heavy loads in a large warehouse. Due to the electirical motor and other

Electric pallet Jacks

Electric pallet jacks feature powered lift and drive capabilities.

mechanical parts, the electric pallet jack is more expensive to buy and maintain. These costs, however, are often counterbalanced by the savings in manpower derived from the efficiency of the electric pallet jack.

Electric Pallet Jacks at Reno Forklift

Whether you need the low cost and flexibility of a standard manual pallet jack, or the power and durability of an electric pallet jack, Reno Forklift is your one stop shop. Reno Forklift features a large variety of quality manual and electric pallet jacks and our professional, experienced staff is here to help you find the best pallet jack for your needs. We serve both California and Nevada. Come check out our online catalog and contact us today!

Forklifts of all types are one of the most commonly used material handling equipment. Since they were first invented in the early 20th century, forklifts have proven to be a robust and efficient machine that can adapt to varied business needs. They are used in shipyards, warehouses, loading docks and even some department stores. The forklift is so ubiquitous that the pallet, the wooden structure designed for easy forklift manipulation, is standard unit load equipment. And nearly every warehouse design takes into consideration the spacing needs of the forklift operations.

Forklifts come in a wide range of sizes, power options and lift capacities. And there price is largely dependent on what the buyer needs out of the machine. Deciding whether to buy or rent a forklift requires a delicate consideration of the benefits of each option while taking into consideration the needs of your project or business operation.

Rent a Forklift

Rent a Forklift

You can rent forklifts of all types and models.

If you are only going to need a forklift for a month or less, the best option is to rent. The difficulty comes in when you need one for a longer period or in intermittent periods throughout the year. In these cases, it may still be cost effective to rent a forklift, but you may need to crunch the numbers to make sure that you are making the best use of your money. There are some benefits of renting a forklift over buying that, if taken into consideration with the base rental cost, make forklift rental more economical.

For example, if you rent a forklift, you do not need to concern yourself with maintenance costs. Forklifts have a lot off moving parts. So many so that many companies that buy them have forklift maintenance personnel on staff in case something goes wrong. Both the cost of parts and the labor of the mechanic can be struck from your cost considerations with a rental.

Another advantage of renting a forklift is the fact that you can be equipped with the latest forklift technology and equipment. There is often economical – like fuel costs- and safety benefits of the newer models.

Buy a Forkift

A forklift can cost anywhere between $15,000 and $50,000 depending on the power supply – gas, diesel or electric – and the lift capacity. This kind of price tag can be a considerable expense for the small or medium size business. Added to maintenance, the total operational cost increases. If you are considering buying a forklift, it is important that you can justify the cost in terms of the benefits and productivity. If you do not foresee that you will require a forklift for more than a few weeks a year, purchasing is not going to be in your best interest. However, if your operation is of the type in which a forklift will be used frequently, purchasing a forklift is less costly in the long run over renting or leasing. Here is a nifty calculator that can help you determine the overall cost of a forklift purchase: http://et.epri.com/Calculators_Lift-Truck-Comparison.html

Forklift Rental and Purchase at Reno Forklift 

Whether you need to buy or rent a forklift, Reno Forklift can help. We offer new and used forklifts of a variety of models and types. Serving Northern Nevada and the Reno area for over 50 years, the Reno Forklift team are experienced and qualified to help you make the best choices about your forklift needs. Check out our online catalog or contact us today!


As building techniques have progressed, structures of all varieties have grown taller and taller. The modern world now has endless miles of towering high power lines and ever taller buildings, creating particular difficulties for those men and women who are tasked with maintaining them. In the past, maintenance on high structures could only be accomplished with the aid of rickety and expensive scaffolding, which itself required considerable time and energy to erect and design. Today, boom lifts and other hydraulically powered aerial work platforms are used to get workers safely and efficiently to the high and hard to reach places of buildings, power and utility lines, large aircraft and other tall structures.

Boom lifts, also known as cherry pickers, are a type of aerial work platform that lifts workers to the desired height by means of series of hydraulically powered arms. The boom lift can be mounted to the back of a truck or van, such as those used by utility companies, or they can be fitted to a mobile platform. There are two main boom lift designs: telescopic and articulated. Each one has advantages and limitations depending on the work environment and height requirements.

Telescopic Boom Lifts

Boom Lifts

Boom lifts can also be used to lift material and pallets into place.

A telescoping boom lift features a single straight boom which extends (telescopes) in a straight line out from the base of the lift. This design affords the user a great deal of horizontal reach. This horizontal reach can be advantageous if the lift cannot be maneuvered up to the side of the building or structure. While telescoping lifts are great for jobs that need a long reach and great height, the straight boom design can be cumbersome when the work area is in a tight and confined area. Straight telescopic boom lifts are ideal for jobs in open spaces where maximum reach and height are needed.

Articulating Boom Lifts

Articulating boom lifts feature a series of hinged booms that unfold and can be manipulated depending on the contours of the building design. The articulated design offers a balance between vertical height, horizontal reach and the ability to position the platform in hard to reach places. In addition to vertical and horizontal reach the folding booms can be adjusted so that the platform can be lifted above over and behind a structure or maneuvered with precision to the side of a utility line without blocking traffic. The articulating boom incorporates the space saving advantages of a scissor lift, where the platform is situated over the base, and the dexterity of telescopic reach.

Boom Lifts at Reno Forklift

Serving the Northern Nevada area for more than 50 years, Reno Forklift is the premier provider of boom lifts, forklifts, industrial scales, conveyor systems and other material handling equipment. The professional and knowledgeable staff at Reno Forklift will make sure that you get the right boom lift for the right job. Come check out our online catalog and contact us online today! We look forward to hearing from you!

Hand Truck
The hand truck is one of the most common and versatile material handling aids. They are commonly used to move refrigerators, stoves and other large furniture when moving and in warehouses for a variety of tasks. The mechanical advantage afforded by the lever action of the platform and wheeled fulcrum make them a powerful assistant on any job where heavy things need to be persuaded into motion. Because of this, hand truck owners are always the first to be asked by family members, coworkers and friends to help them move. And if they somehow manage to escape the heavy lifting, the owner usually offers the truck on loan to absolve their laziness.

This is all in jest. Hand truck owners are good, charitable people willing to lend a hand at any time. And before they lend their muscle and equipment to a job, they do research on the type of hand truck they need. Let’s take a look at some different types of hand trucks and how they can help you as you spend your weekend moving your coworker’s 30 year old washing machine out of his basement. Besides giving you the ability to lift things without causing strain or injury, hand trucks are also a great way to make new friends.

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Material Handling Equipment

Quality material handling equipment is vital to creating a safe and efficient working space in a warehouse, loading dock or retail store setting. Material handling equipment allows for the safe and efficient transportation, movement storage and protection of products during the manufacturing and distribution process.

Material handling equipment consists of four major types. Transport equipment is used to move goods and products from loading to storage or from storage to loading. Positioning equipment is used to move and position goods and products in a specific area of storage or production. Unit load equipment is used to organize and arrange products so that they can be easily moved by transport equipment. And storage equipment is employed to safely and efficiently store product while maximizing the use of storage space.

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Choosing the proper forklift for your business can make the difference between an inefficient and cumbersome work environment and a smooth running operation. The right forklift for the job will ensure that your business moves the goods and products that make up your revenue safely and efficiently.

There are many things to consider when shopping for a fork lift. The type of environment it will work in, the power requirements and lift capacities are just some of the elements to keep in mind. Below is a list of things to consider when choosing the best fork lift for your business.

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Forklift Maintenance

A forklift is the workhorse of any business whose operations involve heavy lifting and material handling. Forklifts are needed to lift, move, maneuver and place large heavy loads safely for extended periods of time. Like any piece of equipment, forklifts are subject to wear and tear. The wear on most equipment is usually not a big deal and doesn’t require immediate attention. But on forklifts, there are forklift maintenance procedures that need to be enacted in order to keep employees safe and product from damage.

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industrial shelving reno

The efficiency of a warehouse, distribution center or other business that needs to store stuff, including restaurants and retailers, is only as good as the industrial shelving systems that are used. Industrial shelving is the heavy duty, glamour free shelving you see at warehouse stores. Used right, industrial shelving can save you thousands of dollars in storage costs.

With industrial shelving, you can turn a modest sized warehouse or storage environment into an efficient and effective storage system. It can even mean the difference between having to expand to another building for storage or not. With that kind of money on the line, it is important to get the right kind of shelving for the job. Below is a brief intro to industrial shelving and how it can be used to increase the overall storage capacity of your business.

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