It’s National Recommitment Month which means it’s time to pull out those New Year’s resolutions and get serious about recommitment. Oh sure, you were full of self discipline for the first few weeks and then life came knocking on your door. Well, the time has come to show the world what you’re made of and we have 9 tips to help you succeed.

  1. There’s a National Recommitment Month For a Reason

If you were the only person who needed a do over would there really be a whole month dedicated to recommitment? Starting over is something we do. It’s how we create a habit. So pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and hit that restart button!

  1. Be Real About Those New Year’s Resolutions

Every year you start writing your resolutions and you think you can conquer the world. Five months later you realize there’s no way you can do it all. Setting realistic goals is a good place to start on your recommitment journey. Keep your goals within reach, then with each goal you obtain set a new goal. You’ll get farther than you ever thought by taking it one step at a time.

  1. Be Positive in Your Recommitment

A sure fire way to fail at anything you set out to do is to start with an “I can’t” kind of attitude. When you tell yourself “I can”, you’re creating self-confidence. So stop staring at your list of resolutions thinking you’re just going to give up again. Instead, tell yourself that this is the time that you will succeed!

  1. Recommitment is About the End Game

self discipline | Reno Forklift Services

See your goals to the end

Of course, you should measure your progress but you can’t forget that achieving a goal is about getting to the end. That means accepting the bumps and detours in the road along the way. Stressing out about the challenges you have to face while trying to obtain your goal can be the very thing that knocks you off track again. So get your recommitment game face on and let’s do this!

  1. Nobody’s Perfect, Not Even You

Everyone fails at one time or another. The only thing that makes it worse is if you refuse to get back up and try again. One reason we fail to achieve our goals is because we refuse to ask for help and we berate ourselves when we can’t do it on our own. Some of the most successful people in the world will tell you they did it with help. So pick yourself up by the bootstraps and partner up. You’ll be surprised how many people are on this recommitment journey with you and could really use your help.

  1. Adjust Your Success Ruler

When we measure our success to the people around us we are bound to fail. Everyone starts from a different point in life and we each face different challenges along the way. By measuring your progress from where you started you’ll see how far you’ve come. You’ll also experience a sense of self-confidence that wouldn’t be there otherwise.

  1. Pat Yourself On The Back

Celebrate your wins! Regardless if they are big or small, when we allow ourselves to feel proud we are encouraged to keep going. Sometimes success is just getting started. So while there might not be any measurable progress yet, simply taking action to achieve your goals is a success in and of itself.

  1. Two’s Company

recommitment | Reno Forklift Services

Find an accountability partner

Having a recommitment partner will help you in a couple of ways. When you are accountable to someone else you have effectively cut off your escape route. A partner will also motivate you when you are feeling low. So if you are resolved to go for that morning run every day, take someone along. You’ll be less likely to hit the snooze button one too many times and you’ll also have someone to cheer you on as you run up that last hill.

  1. If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try Again

Self discipline is not something we are born with. It is something we must teach ourselves. Success doesn’t always come the first or second, or even the third time we try. Success comes at different times for different people. So if you don’t make it this time, try again. No one ever got to the top by sitting down.

Making resolutions is easy, keeping them is the hard part. Habits are created over time. So go easy on yourself. Keep your goals within reach and enjoy your recommitment journey.

Warehouse managers and business owners are among the professionals most likely to feel overwhelmed when it’s time for warehouse spring cleaning and forklift maintenance. The following 11 tips for warehouse spring cleaning will save you both time and money as well as restore your optimism that this season will bring in more profit.

Spring just makes us feel more positive until we walk into an unorganized place of work then that sense of happiness starts to wane a little. Help keep your warehouse pleasant and safe for all workers while also being ready for any inspections this year.

Safe Warehouse Practices

1. Familiarize yourself with the most current warehouse safety policies and laws, especially those concerning forklift maintenance and operation. Staying up to date will save you time from having to redo something that won’t pass a later inspection in its current state.

2. Keeping the current warehouse safety policies visible, schedule regular mandatory checks for overall warehouse cleanliness, organization, and equipment maintenance. This will help to ensure a safe warehouse all year around.

Communicate with Employees for Best Solutions

3. Have an ‘open door’ policy where any employee can come in and speak with you. Employees can let you know about things that need to be fixed or taken care of in some way in the warehouse. If having an ‘open door’ policy isn’t a viable solution, ask employees to send you an email or fill out a quick comment form.

4. Talk to your employees. Your employees who work in a certain environment every day will have great ideas and input about how to better organize the space to increase their work productivity.

Have a Plan

Safe warehouse practices | Reno Forklift Services

Have a detailed plan.

5. Make sure to choose a time for cleaning your warehouse when the facility will be less crowded. Warehouse spring cleaning should be a way to help your company make more money, not something that interrupts regular productivity.

6. Before starting the maintenance and cleaning routine, have a checklist prepared for all the small tasks you need to complete by a certain deadline. Part of this routine should include scheduling equipment checkups with professionals. These regular, professional checkups are an investment and will save you a great deal of stress, money, and time in the future.

7. Give some thought to industrial psychology. Industrial psychology is a discipline that considers the human condition to increase work productivity. Schedule cleaning sessions when your crew is the most productive and give reasonable, lucrative incentives.

Warehouse Spring Cleaning Tips to Use Throughout the Year

8. Keep items from piling up by scheduling a day once a month to throw out any items you don’t need. Stock frequently used items that are out in plain view instead of hiding them in a pile.

9. Machine repair and cleaning supplies should be kept in a single, known area of the warehouse. Ideally, these items are placed in a hidden and accessible place near a wide-open area where an employee, preferably a professional, can work on repairs when needed.

More Hacks for Warehouse Spring Cleaning

Warehouse spring cleaning tips | Reno Forklift Services

Make sure all things are well organized.

10. Try to avoid giving any one employee a cleaning job that takes more than a couple of hours to complete. The most efficient way your warehouse will be in top shape during inspections is to ensure that your employees are in top shape. Make sure employees are not burned out and distracted while cleaning and organizing. Instead of giving one job to a single person, divide a bigger job among three or four people if possible.

11. Recognize when a cleaning or maintenance job is better handled by cleaning and maintenance professionals. Working daily in a cluttered or neglected environment will cause morale to plummet, which hinders productivity. Avoid this unnecessary frustration by taking appropriate action, either by assigning a couple of employees to the task or calling a professional to fix the problem.

All warehouses that are used to store items or manufacture materials need regular equipment maintenance, general facility cleaning, and organizing. The people who work in the facility daily are the best ones to communicate warehouse cleaning priorities because they see the place from a different perspective than the manager or owner.

It doesn’t take years to learn how to keep warehouses clean and organized or how to safely use heavy equipment like forklifts. Warehouses that use forklifts daily need to ensure that their equipment is always kept in safe and optimal working conditions. You can contact us with any questions about safe cleaning materials and procedures or safe warehouse practices.

If you feel like stress is constantly overwhelming your life, you are not alone. Tension is a way of life for most people in the 21st century. Human beings simply were not designed for the level of stimulation that we are routinely exposed to in the modern world. We are all constantly on the go, and this leads to people not taking care of themselves the way they should. It is critical that you learn how to manage stress. Stress has been linked to many serious health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, cancer and depression. If you want to be happier and healthier, use the following seven tips to relax and reduce the tension.

  1. Meditate

One of the best ways to be healthier and reduce the tension of modern life is to meditate. Meditation has been around for thousands of years for a very simple reason, it works. Whenever the pressure of modern life seems overwhelming, a quick meditation can make everything right again. If you are new to meditation, you should begin with five minutes a day. Slowly increase the time you meditate until you are meditating for at least 10 minutes a day. When you add meditation to your life, you will find you are much calmer, healthier and able to handle the over-stimulation of the modern world much better.

  1. Massage

Getting a massage is one of the most pleasurable ways to de-stress. If you have never enjoyed a massage before, you don’t know what you are missing. The blissful feeling you have after a massage is proof that getting a massage is one of the best stress-relieving activities imaginable. To help keep yourself feeling relaxed, consider the benefits of adding a weekly massage to your routine.

  1. Exercise

stress awareness month | Reno Forklift Services

A good workout relieves stress

Research has shown that people who exercise regularly are less stressed. This is because exercise floods your system with endorphins. The endorphins are the body’s pleasure chemicals, and they wash away the tension when they flood your body after a workout. It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise you do. Just get up and be active. Start walking every day. Train for a marathon. Join a swim team. Learn to rock climb. Just get up off the couch and exercise any way that seems fun to you.

  1. Be Social

One of the saddest things about the 21st century is that even though people are more connected to each other than ever before through the Internet, people feel lonelier now than ever. Technological interaction through social networks is not a replacement for human interaction. You need to get out there and interact with people in the physical world. Social interaction is one of the best treatments when you are feeling stressed out. Next time you are feeling overwhelmed, plan a party or night out on the town to lift your spirits.

  1. Tickle Your Funny Bone

Laughter really is the best medicine when you are feeling tense. When you laugh, it releases the same endorphins that exercise does, eliminating tension and leaving you feeling wonderful. Next time you are feeling stressed, watch your favorite comedy to unwind.

  1. Take a Nap

Another sad fact about modern existence is that naps are not something that most people get to enjoy beyond childhood. That is a real shame as the body benefits greatly from napping. When you nap, your body has lower levels of cortisol, the stress-causing hormone. Next time life seems overwhelming, try a 20-minute power nap to instantly feel better about things.

  1. Adopt a Pet

stress awareness month | Reno Forklift Services

Pets make good companions

Research shows that pet owners are less stressed than others. Whether you are petting your kitty, playing catch with your dog or watching your fish swim, interacting with pets has been shown to make people happier and less stressed out. There are plenty of pets out there at shelters that could use a good home, and you could use the pick-me-up.

Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness Month. That makes this the perfect time for you to look for stress-reducing tips. With the seven tips above, you will be able to chill out. Using these tips will make you happier and healthier, improving the quality of your life.

You owe it to yourself to find ways to chill out. Exercise, meditate or do whatever it takes to start relaxing. When you take the time to take care of yourself by engaging in stress-relieving activities, it is not only good for you. You will be happier and make those around you happier as well. For the benefit of all, always be on the lookout for ways to reduce your stress levels.

If you feel like you’ve fallen off the healthy habit bandwagon, you’re in luck. March is National Nutrition Month, so it is the perfect time to tackle that health commitment you made at the beginning of the year with renewed energy.

You may be wondering why we celebrate nutrition month and how it can help you get back on track. It’s simple really. Nutrition Month is a time set aside to focus on the importance of making informed food choices and developing healthy eating and exercise habits.

This year the National Nutrition Month theme is “Put Your Best Fork Forward.” So instead of feeling like you have to change everything at once, you can start small, with just one fork at a time. Whether your eating habits involve preparing meals at home or making choices while eating out, it’s important to develop a way of eating that is sustainable.

Are you ready to join the movement? Then here are a few effective ways you can start putting your best fork forward.

  1. Eat a balanced, varied diet.

    balanced diet | Reno Forklift Eating a variety of nutrient dense foods across all of the food groups reduces your risk of many preventable and primarily lifestyle-based chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. Work to incorporate a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats into your daily diet.

  2. Choose lighter options while dining out.

    Finding healthy options at restaurants is now easier than it ever has been. Most restaurant chains offer lighter, healthier choices. As you peruse the menu, look for options that are steamed or roasted. Likewise, ask for sauces, dressing, and cheese on the side, and control your own portions by asking for a to-go box and putting half of your meal in the box.

  3. Set a good example for children.

If you have children, you know how quickly they pick up on things. That is why it is especially important to model good eating habits for children. This modeling begins in the kitchen. Inviting your child into the kitchen to participate in age-appropriate cooking tasks is a fun way to get young ones involved. Serving balanced meals and making the time to enjoy dinner together is also important to help your family build healthy, mindful eating habits.

  1. Eat breakfast every day.

Breakfast is one of the most frequently skipped meals by everyone, but it’s also one of the most important. Breakfast helps get your metabolism going and sets the tone for your eating all day long. If you really don’t have time for breakfast, then at least grab a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts to give you a good mix of carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats.

  1. Drink more water.

drinking water | Reno Forklift Water is another essential to a healthy lifestyle. Your body uses water for nearly ever metabolic process it completes. If you have a hard time drinking enough water, try keeping a water bottle with you all day, using a simple tracking system, or flavoring your water with a few pieces of fresh fruit. Try to drink at least half your weight in ounces of water each day.

  1. Adopt the “one more” mentality.

It can be tough to completely overhaul the way you eat all at once. Instead of trying to do it that way, focus on getting in just “one more” healthy food choice each day. If you struggle with veggies the most, work on fitting in one more serving each day. Then once you have that mastered, move on to another healthy habit. Doing a little at a time will make the process much easier and help you stick with it.

If you really want to make your celebration of this month fun, then consider getting involved or organizing some nutrition month activities, such as

  • A cooking demonstration or nutrition event
  • A presentation at your local park or senior center
  • A food donation campaign for your local food pantry or shelter
  • A commitment to try one new healthy recipe as a family each week
  • A visit to a local farmers market or farm
  • A “lunch and learn” on healthy eating
  • A scavenger hunt for healthy foods or recipe ingredients

National Nutrition Month is the perfect time to refocus on the healthy habits you started in January or to invite others to join you in your efforts. Use these tips and remember that it’s about starting small and making simple changes every day that you can stick to long term.

Your kidneys are very important organs in your body. Taking proper care of them will help you live better and longer. Many people don’t understand kidney disease or how to prevent it. For National Kidney Disease Month, you can learn how to better care for your kidneys and prevent disease.

Get Tested

kidney | Reno Forklift Kidney failure is a slow and progressive disease that usually has no noticeable symptoms. Kidney disease awareness is important. Unless your kidneys have been injured in an accident, you may not know you have kidney disease without medical testing. Your doctor can perform a few types of tests to determine kidney function. These are usually blood tests or urine tests.

The blood test for kidney function is called glomular filtration rate or GFR. This measures the amount of creatine in your blood. Creatine is a waste product produced by working muscles. Your kidneys are responsible for filtering this waste from the blood. If the kidneys are not working properly, this acid will build up to unsafe levels in the blood stream.

The urine test for kidney function is called albumin-to-creatine ratio or ACR. The urine is tested for the protein albumin. This protein that should not be found in urine. If the test is positive, it indicates your kidneys are not functioning as well as they should.
There are five stages of disease that lead to kidney failure. There is no way to correct full kidney failure, so it is a life-threatening disease. The best option for a person in the advanced stages is a kidney transplant. Health can be maintained with dialysis, but this does not heal the kidneys.

Diabetes and Sugar

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of kidney failure. When you have diabetes, your body has trouble maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Your kidneys are responsible for filtering your blood, so when you have high blood sugar your kidneys are under a lot of pressure to balance your system. They eventually become overloaded and begin to fail.

There are many things that may contribute to developing diabetes. Sometimes the disease is genetic, and there isn’t much you can do about that. Most diabetes, however, is brought on by a poor diet. Excess sugar in the diet is one of the leading causes of diabetes. It is important to avoid excess sugar. The American Heart Association recommends that children consume no more than six teaspoons of added sugar per day. This is also a good rule for adults to follow. Diabetes can affect a person of any age. The sooner you take steps to avoid it, the healthier your kidneys will be.

Salt and Blood Pressure

Blood pressure also has a major impact on kidney function. When blood pressure is high, more blood is forced through the sensitive tissues of the kidney faster. Over time, this may damage the kidney tissue that filters the blood. This tissue is very difficult to heal once damaged.

Too much sodium in the diet contributes to high blood pressure. Salt may also pose a danger to the kidneys directly. Sometimes minerals like sodium will harden in the kidneys. The result is a kidney stone. The kidney eventually forces the stone through the kidney tissue. The process is very painful. It may also damage the kidney tissue, which reduces function. The damage caused by passing a kidney stone often does not heal. A scar will form that is never able to filter any blood.
You do not have to eliminate all salt from your diet, but you should keep it to a healthy level. This means not adding salt to most foods and avoiding processed foods already high in salt. You can help balance sodium levels by also getting plenty of potassium from food and drinking plenty of water each day.

Drinking Too Much

too much alcohol | Reno Forklift Your kidneys are responsible for getting toxic substances out of your blood stream. Alcohol is highly toxic to the body, so your kidneys work extra hard to get rid of it. When you drink too much, you put strain on your kidneys and may damage them.

Alcohol also dehydrates you. Your kidneys’ other job is to maintain the right balance of water in your body. Consuming alcohol can make this job much more difficult. Over time, this may result in lost kidney function.
It is important to know how much is too much. Three drinks or less per day is considered safe for your body and is unlikely to cause serious problems.

Your diet has a lot to do with your kidney health. By maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding alcohol and smoking and choosing healthy foods most of the time, you can keep both your kidneys functioning for your entire life. Many of the conditions that lead to kidney disease are preventable.

A person can be excused for not knowing exactly what a boom lift is and why they need one. A boom lift, also called a man lift or cherry picker, is a type of lifting equipment in Reno. It is a crane with a bucket, basket or fenced in platform at the top of the arm that can accommodate at least one person. It replaces rickety ladders or ladders that can’t reach high enough to get the job done. Following are seven reasons to use one:

    1. Handling Merchandise Boom lifts are superb for accessing merchandise stored on the topmost shelves in warehouses. A modified lift called a scissor lift is just the thing for allowing a worker to reach items in more confined spaces like the aisles between shelves. A scissor lift is a type of boom that can be raised straight up on arms that open in and out in ways that resemble pairs of scissors or drying racks. A boom forklift has prongs that have a greater range of movement than a regular fork lift and is also used for moving merchandise on high shelves or racks in narrow spaces.

towable man lift | Reno Forklift

    1. Cherry Picking This activity is what gives the boom lift its most popular name. It is indispensable to a farmer with orchards not just of cherries but of all the other types of hard fruit. The boom lift makes quick work of harvesting the ripe fruit at the very top of the tree, especially the types called the scissor fork lift or towable man lift that can move easily between the rows.
    2. Hanging Christmas Lights The workers at a multi-story business will have an easy job putting up Christmas lights with the boom lift or towable man lift. These handy machines let workers hang banners or flags from upper floors or in the exteriors of big box stores or warehouses in a jiffy.
    3. Changing or Repairing Light Fixtures A light that goes out not only reduces the amount of needed light but makes the space look a bit derelict. Problems with the heating, air condition and ventilation system in a large space can be disastrous. A business owner should not have to worry about how these fixtures are going to be accessed when they are several dozen feet above the floor. Lights and HVAC components in warehouses or businesses with high ceilings can be serviced with ease when the worker uses a boom lift.
    4. Exterior Painting and Repair Beside being able to reach higher than a ladder, the cherry picker can be angled into reach over foundation plantings and front gardens that might get in the way of a ladder. It helps a person access areas of the building whose location makes it difficult to reach, repair or service even with a tall ladder. Inspecting all areas of a roof, from the gutters to the ridge line, is made safer and more efficient through the use of a man lift. Chimneys and vent stacks can also be evaluated in safety, and windows that are not high enough to require scaffolding but are too high for a regular ladder can be washed.

man lift | Reno Forklift

  1. Tree Pruning For the person who is wary of the ropes and pulleys used to climb all the way up a tall tree or to access a tree that is difficult to climb, the boom lift is just the thing. Use it for pruning and trimming the very highest branches that might be too slender to bear the worker’s weight. It’s also ideal for rescuing a treed cat, a treed human being or a tree surgeon who would simply appreciate an easier trip down to the ground.
  2. Lighting Stage lights can be mounted on a boom lift to provide extra light for an area like a soundstage. Lights are also mounted on lifts at night to provide illumination for an outdoor work space.

Boom lifts are hydraulically powered, which means they operate because of the energy of a confined, pressurized liquid. The liquid can be water or an industrial grade mineral oil. There are several types of boom lifts. They can be placed on a truck, van or flat bed, and some are self-propelled. They are often worked by two people who share dual controls. This allows the person who is actually standing in the bucket to position themselves very precisely. The arms of some cherry pickers can be telescoped or are articulated. Articulated arms are good for working in tight spaces. Boom lifts are powered by batteries, electricity, gasoline or diesel.

For more information, don’t hesitate to call our professionals at Reno Forklift. Our number here is (775) 329-1384.

As a common sight in most warehouses and store rooms, forklifts help keep a business running. This special equipment allows workers to move product from one area to another without much physical effort. This efficiency allows employees to focus on other tasks. Read on to find out more about the history of forklifts.

A Humble beginning

As with many things, the creation of forklifts was to meet a need. A surprising fact is that the need was not in manufacturing, but in transportation. Railroads needed to move luggage, and the labor shortage made this hard to accomplish. In 1887, a truck was created that could lift items off of the ground. In 1909, a lift truck was created that was made completely out of steel. At this point, load handling became popular and many manufacturers started making their own lifting units.

While the initial demand for this equipment was in the railroad industry, the equipment became heavily used in manufacturing and warehouses. Pallet designs became popular in the 1930’s, and this led to another surge of high demand. World War II created even more demand, as weapons and other items needed to be loaded efficiently onto the ships. There are reports of companies increasing their shipments five-fold over the course of the war because of it.

Modern designs

Over the years, designs have changed so they now are able to raise loads high, as well as tilt. Ergonomics have been improved, and safety standards have been raised to protect workers.

Equipment Safety

Since there are many types of forklifts, your workers will need to know how to safely operate them in your building. Safety standards have come a long way since 1887. If you are a new operator, you will undergo hours of safety training before becoming certified. A key part of the certification process is using the equipment alongside a trainer  to prove competency. Modern safety features on almost all types of forklifts include audible alarms, as well as radar systems. They are also likely to have a cage around the driver to reduce the chance of being struck by a falling object. Ergonomic designs were updated in the 1980’s, so it is less likely to have medical issues as a result of operating the forklift.

Kinds of forklifts

types of forklifts Reno Forklifts There are various types of forklifts, and one size does not fit all. Features allow you to determine the best forklift for you. There are options for manual operation, as well as electric operation. You can even select a machine that will be capable of going down narrow aisles. Since warehouses vary in size and design, you may find you want a different unit for your operation than a another person in the same industry.  In addition to the electric forklift, other common truck styles include:

  • Hand pallet truck
  • Walkie low lift truck
  • Rider low lift truck
  • Reach truck
  • Guided very narrow aisle truck

Electric Forklifts

Starting in the 1990’s, concerns arose regarding exhaust emissions. Emissions standards were put in place, and many companies now require testing.  This is to make sure that the units are not damaging the environment. As a result of these concerns, there have been new developments. Fuel cell technology is now used. There are also units run on AC power, removing the need for emissions altogether.


Because there are so many styles of this equipment, their cost can vary greatly. Hand trucks and other styles of low lift and rider trucks can be found for a few thousand dollars. Depending on accessories and special features, electric units can range from approximately $15,000 to over $100,000. There are even some models that can cost over $200,000.

Determining the best forklift

best forklift Reno Forklifts It is not possible to say that any one forklift is truly better than another one. The best piece of equipment for your situation may not be best for someone else. Even someone in the same situation may feel a different style would better work for them. To determine the best forklift for you, investigate the types available to to you and what will best meet the needs of company.

From humble beginnings as baggage wagons to the vehicles they are today, these workhorses have made a large transformation. It is easy to buy accessories and equipment, and they are designed to last through years of hard work. If you are in the market to buy forklift parts or a full unit, take a look at the different brands and styles of  available. There are many options to choose from to find one that can meet any budget.

Whether you’re operating a warehouse, garage or factory, you know how much of an obstacle heating buildings can be. The high temperatures that result from electrical equipment, poor ventilation or hot weather can put an immense amount of stress on employees. It’s important that you keep the heat down to protect the health employees and keep productivity up. While there are a wide variety of cooling options to choose from, Portacool is one of the best cooling solutions available.

What is Portacool?

Portacool Portacool is a line of portable evaporative cooling machines. These machines can cool as much as 6250 square feet with one fan. The coolers plug into standard electricity outlets and require a connection to a water source such as a hose. Once the pump is on, the water is circulated into the evaporative cooler. The fan will then spread cool air throughout the entire space.

More Effective than Fans and Air Conditioners

One problem with portable air conditioners is they are often ineffective in circulating cold air. Fans are effective in circulating air but they don’t do anything to bring down the temperature.  They only circulate the hot air. The Portacool evaporative cooler can do both. The evaporative cooling brings down the temperature and the fan helps circulate the air. It can also cover more surface area than air conditioners or fans.


More Affordable Than Installing a HVAC System

While an HVAC system is a long term solution to the temperature problem, it’s not ideal for many business owners. HVAC systems can cost tens of thousands of dollars in large industrial warehouses or factories. Portacool models range from a couple of hundred dollars to the low thousands depending on how powerful the machine is. If the budget is tight, you can opt for a Portacool rental rather than buying one from a Portacool distributor. Instead of buying a system, you can test out how effective these machines are by renting them.

The Best Choice for Flexibility

Installing or extending an HVAC system can be time consuming and costly. HVAC systems can also limit the focus of the cooling rather than get it to the area where it is needed. Portacool is the perfect cooling solution if you’re looking for flexibility. The machines are open wheels making it easy to transport from room to room. They can also keep your employees cool when they are working outdoors in hot weather. All you need is an electricity and water source. No other cooling solution offers this much flexibility.

Consumes Less Electricity

Utilities can eat into profits. Especially in industrial warehouses and factories where electrical equipment is largely used. A large commercial HVAC system can run a monthly bill in the thousands. Portacool can cool as much as 5625 square feet and run a bill as low as $31 a month. This is because the units run on 115 volt power and consume a low amount of electricity. These cooling units can be used as needed and do not need a warm up or cool down period like HVAC systems.

Perfect for Workplace Productivity and Safety

portacool evaporative cooler rental Reno Fork LiftProviding cooling for your industrial warehouse or factory is not just a luxury. It can help you save money and help your business run effectively. Employees working under hot conditions can lose productiveness by 12%. This is a consequence of fluid loss and the stress caused by the heat. High temperatures can also put your employees at serious health risks. It can lead to heat exhaustion and in the most serious cases, heat strokes. These issues can result in employee downtime or even worker’s compensation claims. This is why an effective cooling solution is good for your business and your employees.

If you’re looking for an economical and effective cooling solution, you can come to us for a Portacool evaportive cooler rental. Reno Forklift is a material handling solutions company offering a complete line of dock equipment and services. We have a wide variety of Portacool models, so you can choose one that fits into your price range and is effective for the amount of square feet you need covered.

Get in touch with us and learn more about the various products/services we offer.

Winter is coming, and that means that the holidays are on their way. It’s the perfect time to feel the holiday spirit and try to help your fellow man. There are a lot of different ways to do that, so it’s easy to find something that can make a difference for a small part of the world that anyone can handle.

Donate Blood

giving back to others Reno Fork Lift
The Red Cross always needs blood donations, but the need increases during times when people are more likely to be injured. People travel a lot around the holidays, which means there are more accidents and thus more injuries, so blood banks can run into trouble during the holidays. Blood also spoils quickly, so you can be sure that your donation is needed, especially if you have a rare blood type. Donating blood is quick, easy, and free, so it’s a great option for people who are interested in giving back to others without going to too much trouble.

The best way to donate blood is to schedule a visit to a local blood drive. Most blood drives will advertise for several days before the event, so it’s relatively easy to find one. The Red Cross can also help you to find the nearest blood drive if there aren’t any local advertisements. If there aren’t any blood drives to attend, consider organizing one of your own. It takes more work, but blood can save lives, so it’s certainly worth the effort.

Volunteering as a Tutor

Education is one of the keys to building a better life, but sometimes getting an education is easier said than done. Volunteering your time as a tutor can give the gift of knowledge to someone in need, and that gift can pay dividends for years to come. There are several ways to do this, so most people can find some way to help.

Literacy is one of the most important skills because it enables people to learn other things, but some people have trouble with it. Children need to practice reading if they’re going to get good at it, but they don’t always get that chance at home. Providing it is a great way to give back to the community. Simply handing out simple books and giving children the chance to read to you as you fix their mistakes can be a big help. Reading to them is also useful, and almost any adult can do it.

Older students often need help with specific subjects. Helping them requires more specialized knowledge, but you can still do it if you understand the subject. Adults with specialized skills, like woodworking, can also take the chance to pass those on. They aren’t always taught in school, but they’re still useful.

The best way to get involved through tutoring is to contact a local school and ask if they need help with any of their clubs or programs. Libraries are also a good choice, especially for people who want to help with literacy issues. Even if they don’t need volunteers themselves, they can usually point you towards a program that does.

Cook a Feast

volunteer feast giving back Reno Fork Lift



Most holidays involve big meals with big groups of people. If you’re filled with the holiday spirit and want to give back in a way that fits the season, you can’t go wrong by contributing to a meal for the community.

These community meals help to solve several different problems at the same time. At a basic level, they can help to fight hunger in the community. They can also spread some holiday joy to people who aren’t able to afford the traditional meal on their own. One meal may not seem like much, but it can make a big difference to people who are on the verge of poverty.

Community feasts also offer a hidden benefit. It isn’t much fun to be alone for the holidays, but it happens to a surprising number of people. These events give those individuals a chance to come together with other people for the holidays that would otherwise be denied to them. That’s a powerful gesture, and it can make the holidays much brighter.

Remember the Essentials

In the end, the holidays are a time to give back to the community. Even a small effort can make a big difference, so there’s no reason not to do something to help others. As long as you remember the golden rule when you volunteer, it’s hard to go wrong.

image credits: http://kut.org/term/thanksgiving, https://dougmatlock.wordpress.com/2013/11/13/i-hate-giving-blood-but/, http://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/haveamagnificentday/2011/12/holiday-spirit-the-spirit-of-giving.html
28 Nov 2016

Types of Scissor Jacks

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Scissor jacks are devices that are used to slowly and carefully lift vehicles off of the ground. They are called scissor jacks because they are made of diagonal pieces of metal that contract and expand in a way similar to that of a pair of scissors. They are very useful, handy, and easy to carry around because they are compact when in the contracted position.

There are two main types of scissor jacks:

  • Hydraulic or Electronic Scissor Jacks – these are the ones often found in automobile shops, vehicle service centers, and related businesses. These jacks lift vehicles up off the ground to perform certain tasks, including maintenance, repairs, and diagnostics.


Types of Scissor jacks, image of dock scissor lift

Scissor jacks are the workhorse of the warehouse.

These are definitely the right choice for more professional car inspections and repairs. Hydraulic scissor jacks are necessary to have when performing complex procedures on the vehicle.

  • Manual Jacks – these are the more common type of scissor jacks. Laymen are familiar with this kind of scissor jack. It is much smaller and often comes with both used and new vehicles, along with a spare tire. It can easily fit inside the trunk of a car. It is a necessary tool to always have with you because you can easily use it in case you have a flat tire situation while on the road. If you are buying a used car, be sure to check the trunk and make sure this jack is also included, together with the owner’s manual.


Manual scissor jacks are usually used to lift only one corner of the vehicle. You place the jack right behind the wheel, and it lifts up that side of the car. This allows you to check out or work on a wheel that might be flat or damaged. However, if you require a more complicated maintenance or repair service, it’s good to have more than just one of these jacks around. A lot of car owners who do DIY repairs and diagnostics invest in having several jacks so that they can get access to the vehicle’s underside. Making sure that the jacks are sturdy and solid is crucial in keeping the position of the car steady, at the same time ensuring the safety of the person inspecting the vehicle.

Depending on where it will be used and who will use it, finding the right type of scissor jack is crucial in the task at hand. For both types, quality is important to ensure safety and security for the person and the vehicle.

Scissor Jacks with Reno Forklift

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