Types of Scissor Lifts for Warehouses

Scissor lifts are a great help to warehouse operations. They provide a safe working area for those needing to perform certain jobs and activities at high locations. For example, electricians can safely and comfortably work at electrical poles and wires. Structural engineers can perform more thorough inspections of areas located at elevated positions. There are many other applications of scissor fork lifts and many different types. Let’s take a look at the types of scissor lifts that are used in warehouses.

Types of Scissor Lifts

There are more than 1 type of this useful materials handling equipment. Most people only know of the MEWP or the Mobile Elevated Work Platform. There is also the hydraulic scissor lift, electrical, diesel and pneumatic lifts.

Hydraulic Scissor Lifts

This type uses hand powered or engine driven pressurized hydraulics to lift loads. The change in pressure of the hydraulic oil is responsible for moving the work platform upwards and downwards.

The presence of oil affects the efficiency of the hydraulic lift. Oil is affected by environmental conditions and consequently influences how the lift will function. In warmer temperatures, oil is less viscous and circulates better. This will result in faster lift operation compared to when using the lift in colder weather. Oil becomes more viscous in colder weather, making it slower to circulate.

This problem is only present in older models. The oil-weather problem has been addressed in newer models.

Diesel and Electrical Scissor Lifts

These are the most commonly used scissor lift types. The electrical lift is more often used for jobs done in enclosed spaces. This is the choice when using diesel types. Enclosed spaces do not have enough ventilation, contributing to the buildup of dangerous fumes from burning diesel.

For outdoor activities, diesel lifts are the preferred type to use. These lifts can be extended up to 10 meters. Some can even be extended to 18 meters high.

Pneumatic Scissor Lifts

This type works with the use of air pressure as a mechanism of lift. This is an eco-friendly type because it does not emit any harmful fumes or by-products in the environment. Most models do not even have to use electricity in order to operate.

A pneumatic scissor lift works by sucking in and compressing atmospheric air. Due to the fact that its doesn’t have any emissions, this type can be used in almost any kind of working environment. It only needs air to operate. Pneumatic Scissor Lifts are great for work both inside and outside the warehouse. Since there are few moving parts and no engine, this type of scissor lift also requires very little maintenance.

Types of Scissor Lifts with Reno Forklift

Whether you need the simplicity and durability of a pneumatic scissor lift or the power and versatility of the diesel or electrical model, Reno forklift has the types of scissor lifts you need for your warehouse, store or garage. Reno Forklift is the premier provider of materials handling equipment to the Reno and Northern Nevada area. Come check out our catalog and contact us today! We look forward to working with you!

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