Types of Scissor Jacks

Scissor jacks are devices that are used to slowly and carefully lift vehicles off of the ground. They are called scissor jacks because they are made of diagonal pieces of metal that contract and expand in a way similar to that of a pair of scissors. They are very useful, handy, and easy to carry around because they are compact when in the contracted position.

There are two main types of scissor jacks:

  • Hydraulic or Electronic Scissor Jacks – these are the ones often found in automobile shops, vehicle service centers, and related businesses. These jacks lift vehicles up off the ground to perform certain tasks, including maintenance, repairs, and diagnostics.

These are definitely the right choice for more professional car inspections and repairs. Hydraulic scissor jacks are necessary to have when performing complex procedures on the vehicle.

  • Manual Jacks – these are the more common type of scissor jacks. Laymen are familiar with this kind of scissor jack. It is much smaller and often comes with both used and new vehicles, along with a spare tire. It can easily fit inside the trunk of a car. It is a necessary tool to always have with you because you can easily use it in case you have a flat tire situation while on the road. If you are buying a used car, be sure to check the trunk and make sure this jack is also included, together with the owner’s manual.

Manual scissor jacks are usually used to lift only one corner of the vehicle. You place the jack right behind the wheel, and it lifts up that side of the car. This allows you to check out or work on a wheel that might be flat or damaged. However, if you require a more complicated maintenance or repair service, it’s good to have more than just one of these jacks around. A lot of car owners who do DIY repairs and diagnostics invest in having several jacks so that they can get access to the vehicle’s underside. Making sure that the jacks are sturdy and solid is crucial in keeping the position of the car steady, at the same time ensuring the safety of the person inspecting the vehicle.

Depending on where it will be used and who will use it, finding the right type of scissor jack is crucial in the task at hand. For both types, quality is important to ensure safety and security for the person and the vehicle.

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