Types of Work Platforms

Work platforms and aerial lifts are used in many different industries and work environments. From window washing to high power line maintenance, work platforms make help workers get where they need to be. The design of the platform or aerial lift depends on a number of factors, including the lift elevation required, the terrain on which it must be balanced and how difficult the work area is to access. Let’s take a look at the main types of aerial work platforms used today.

Scissor Lifts

If it is stability you are looking for in an aerial work platform, scissor lifts are your best bet. Named for the

characteristic crisscross scissor like design of its lift supports, the scissor lift is great for jobs that require access directly overhead. The work platform is lifted directly above the base of the lift, providing superior stability and weight balance. They are great for painters, electricians and for use in warehouses.

Articulating Boom Lifts

Articulating boom lifts feature a series of hinged booms that unfold and can be maneuvered depending on the contours of the building or work area design. The articulated design offers a balance between vertical height, horizontal reach and the ability to position the platform in hard to reach work areas. The articulating booms attached to the work platform also allow for the platform to be positioned in hard to reach places, including above, over and behind building obstacles and trees. They are a great all around lift designed for both flexibility and safety.

Telescopic Boom Lifts

As the most common and frequently seen aerial work platform, the telescopic boom lift s designed for maximum vertical and horizontal reach. The boom extends out in straight line from the base of the lift. This design allow for the lift to be positioned away from the area that needs to be reached, avoiding obstacles and difficult terrain. While telescoping lifts are great for jobs that need a long reach and great height, the straight boom design can be cumbersome when the work area is in confined area. Straight telescopic boom work platforms are great for jobs in open spaces and when maximum height and reach are required.

Work Platforms at Reno Forklift

As northern Nevada’s premier provider of forklifts, scales and other types of materials handling equipment, Reno Forklift also offers a variety of work platforms for your warehouse and operational needs. The trusted and experienced staff at Reno forklift will help you determine which type of work platform is best suited to your unique situation.

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