Do You Need a Boom Lift? 7 Fantastic Reasons You Do

A person can be excused for not knowing exactly what a boom lift is and why they need one. A boom lift, also called a man lift or cherry picker, is a type of lifting equipment in Reno. It is a crane with a bucket, basket or fenced in platform at the top of the arm that can accommodate at least one person. It replaces rickety ladders or ladders that can’t reach high enough to get the job done. Following are seven reasons to use one:

    1. Handling Merchandise Boom lifts are superb for accessing merchandise stored on the topmost shelves in warehouses. A modified lift called a scissor lift is just the thing for allowing a worker to reach items in more confined spaces like the aisles between shelves. A scissor lift is a type of boom that can be raised straight up on arms that open in and out in ways that resemble pairs of scissors or drying racks. A boom forklift has prongs that have a greater range of movement than a regular fork lift and is also used for moving merchandise on high shelves or racks in narrow spaces.
    1. Cherry Picking This activity is what gives the boom lift its most popular name. It is indispensable to a farmer with orchards not just of cherries but of all the other types of hard fruit. The boom lift makes quick work of harvesting the ripe fruit at the very top of the tree, especially the types called the scissor fork lift or towable man lift that can move easily between the rows.
    2. Hanging Christmas Lights The workers at a multi-story business will have an easy job putting up Christmas lights with the boom lift or towable man lift. These handy machines let workers hang banners or flags from upper floors or in the exteriors of big box stores or warehouses in a jiffy.
    3. Changing or Repairing Light Fixtures A light that goes out not only reduces the amount of needed light but makes the space look a bit derelict. Problems with the heating, air condition and ventilation system in a large space can be disastrous. A business owner should not have to worry about how these fixtures are going to be accessed when they are several dozen feet above the floor. Lights and HVAC components in warehouses or businesses with high ceilings can be serviced with ease when the worker uses a boom lift.
    4. Exterior Painting and Repair Beside being able to reach higher than a ladder, the cherry picker can be angled into reach over foundation plantings and front gardens that might get in the way of a ladder. It helps a person access areas of the building whose location makes it difficult to reach, repair or service even with a tall ladder. Inspecting all areas of a roof, from the gutters to the ridge line, is made safer and more efficient through the use of a man lift. Chimneys and vent stacks can also be evaluated in safety, and windows that are not high enough to require scaffolding but are too high for a regular ladder can be washed.
  1. Tree Pruning For the person who is wary of the ropes and pulleys used to climb all the way up a tall tree or to access a tree that is difficult to climb, the boom lift is just the thing. Use it for pruning and trimming the very highest branches that might be too slender to bear the worker’s weight. It’s also ideal for rescuing a treed cat, a treed human being or a tree surgeon who would simply appreciate an easier trip down to the ground.
  2. Lighting Stage lights can be mounted on a boom lift to provide extra light for an area like a soundstage. Lights are also mounted on lifts at night to provide illumination for an outdoor work space.

Boom lifts are hydraulically powered, which means they operate because of the energy of a confined, pressurized liquid. The liquid can be water or an industrial grade mineral oil. There are several types of boom lifts. They can be placed on a truck, van or flat bed, and some are self-propelled. They are often worked by two people who share dual controls. This allows the person who is actually standing in the bucket to position themselves very precisely. The arms of some cherry pickers can be telescoped or are articulated. Articulated arms are good for working in tight spaces. Boom lifts are powered by batteries, electricity, gasoline or diesel.

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