How Portacool Provides Economical & Effective Industrial Warehouse Cooling

Whether you’re operating a warehouse, garage or factory, you know how much of an obstacle heating buildings can be. The high temperatures that result from electrical equipment, poor ventilation or hot weather can put an immense amount of stress on employees. It’s important that you keep the heat down to protect the health employees and keep productivity up. While there are a wide variety of cooling options to choose from, Portacool is one of the best cooling solutions available.

What is Portacool?

Portacool is a line of portable evaporative cooling machines. These machines can cool as much as 6250 square feet with one fan. The coolers plug into standard electricity outlets and require a connection to a water source such as a hose. Once the pump is on, the water is circulated into the evaporative cooler. The fan will then spread cool air throughout the entire space.

More Effective than Fans and Air Conditioners

One problem with portable air conditioners is they are often ineffective in circulating cold air. Fans are effective in circulating air but they don’t do anything to bring down the temperature. They only circulate the hot air. The Portacool evaporative cooler can do both. The evaporative cooling brings down the temperature and the fan helps circulate the air. It can also cover more surface area than air conditioners or fans.


More Affordable Than Installing a HVAC System

While an HVAC system is a long term solution to the temperature problem, it’s not ideal for many business owners. HVAC systems can cost tens of thousands of dollars in large industrial warehouses or factories. Portacool models range from a couple of hundred dollars to the low thousands depending on how powerful the machine is. If the budget is tight, you can opt for a Portacool rental rather than buying one from a Portacool distributor. Instead of buying a system, you can test out how effective these machines are by renting them.

The Best Choice for Flexibility

Installing or extending an HVAC system can be time consuming and costly. HVAC systems can also limit the focus of the cooling rather than get it to the area where it is needed. Portacool is the perfect cooling solution if you’re looking for flexibility. The machines are open wheels making it easy to transport from room to room. They can also keep your employees cool when they are working outdoors in hot weather. All you need is an electricity and water source. No other cooling solution offers this much flexibility.

Consumes Less Electricity

Utilities can eat into profits. Especially in industrial warehouses and factories where electrical equipment is largely used. A large commercial HVAC system can run a monthly bill in the thousands. Portacool can cool as much as 5625 square feet and run a bill as low as $31 a month. This is because the units run on 115 volt power and consume a low amount of electricity. These cooling units can be used as needed and do not need a warm up or cool down period like HVAC systems.

Perfect for Workplace Productivity and Safety

Providing cooling for your industrial warehouse or factory is not just a luxury. It can help you save money and help your business run effectively. Employees working under hot conditions can lose productiveness by 12%. This is a consequence of fluid loss and the stress caused by the heat. High temperatures can also put your employees at serious health risks. It can lead to heat exhaustion and in the most serious cases, heat strokes. These issues can result in employee downtime or even worker’s compensation claims. This is why an effective cooling solution is good for your business and your employees.

If you’re looking for an economical and effective cooling solution, you can come to us for a Portacool evaportive cooler rental. Reno Forklift is a material handling solutions company offering a complete line of dock equipment and services. We have a wide variety of Portacool models, so you can choose one that fits into your price range and is effective for the amount of square feet you need covered.

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