Pandemic Trends Bringing Warehousing, Logistics Businesses to Northern Nevada


The pandemic has been crushing for some local industries, but a boost for others. One of the segments that has benefited over the last year and a half is logistics and warehousing. For that sector, Reno’s location is ideal.

“A big part of where we are is incredibly unique,” said Brian Armon, Senior Vice President with NAI Alliance. “We’re located basically midway up the West Coast, and farther west than the port of Los Angeles. So from Reno we can distribute to the West Coast all the way from San Diego to Seattle in one day.”

Since more people are shopping online, Northern Nevada is an ideal location for logistics businesses like Relentless Fulfillment. The company made the move from Oregon six months ago.

“Our business has been growing, trends have been shifting to more online shopping,” said Brent Neely, President of Relentless Fulfillment. “As we know, convenience is huge and people want it now. So getting into a better strategic location where we can deliver quicker with cheaper rates is ideal.”

He says the current labor market has been a bit of a challenge.

“There’s been some challenges with finding enough employees, but we’ve put together a really good team,” Neely said. “And we’re really excited about what we have moving forward. So overall, it’s been a really good experience.”

At the Relentless Fulfillment warehouse on Old Virginia Road, there’s room to grow. And in the region, a growing need for more of this kind of space.

“We need to build,” Armon said. “We are drastically running out of space, not only for existing warehousing, but for stuff that is planned that we need going forward. Right now we’re at 3.8% vacancy overall in the market, and it’s incredibly difficult to find space for folks that are looking at our market for the unique advantages that we have here.”


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