Overview of Material Handling Equipment

Overview of Material Handling Equipment

Material Handling Equipment

Quality material handling equipment is vital to creating a safe and efficient working space in a warehouse, loading dock or retail store setting. Material handling equipment allows for the safe and efficient transportation, movement storage and protection of products during the manufacturing and distribution process.

Material handling equipment consists of four major types. Transport equipment is used to move goods and products from loading to storage or from storage to loading. Positioning equipment is used to move and position goods and products in a specific area of storage or production. Unit load equipment is used to organize and arrange products so that they can be easily moved by transport equipment. And storage equipment is employed to safely and efficiently store product while maximizing the use of storage space.

Transport Equipment

Conveyors are a type of transport material handling equipment.

Conveyors are a type of transport material handling equipment.

Transport Material Handling equipment consist of tools and devices that aid in the movement of large or numerous products within a warehouse or retail store. The most commonly recognized Transport equipment is the forklift. Forklifts can be used to lift objects and pallets that would otherwise have to be unpacked to move by hand truck, pallet jack or manual labor. They allow product to remain on pallets throughout the moving process and are used to lift product onto industrial shelving for storage. Without the forklift, the ability to lift and remove product from high shelving would significant limit the vertical storage potential of warehouses. They are an essential feature of nearly every material handling operation. Other forms of transport equipment include dollies, hand trucks and pallet jacks and conveyors for smaller items.

Unit Load Equipment

Unit load equipment is designed to contain and restrict product movement during transport. An example of unit load equipment is the wooden pallet. Cheap, sturdy and reliable, pallets are used as a platform on which product is placed for transport via forklift. Other forms of Unit Load equipment include tote pans, skids, bins/baskets, bags and crates. Unit load equipment helps maximize the amount of product carried per trip, decreasing the costs of material transport.

Storage Equipment

The name says it all. Storage equipment is material handling equipment used to store product once it has been unloaded and transported.

Materiel Handling Equipment

Industrial shelving is a type of storage material handling equipment

Industrial shelving is a type of storage equipment used in warehouses and other settings to maximize the vertical storage capacity of the storage area. Pallet racks are a strong and reliable form of storage equipment. The storage equipment layout is designed to strike a balance between access costs (the ease of access to the item) and vertical storage potential.

Material Handling Equipment at Reno Forklift

Reno Forklift is northern Nevada’s premier supplier of industrial material handling equipment. Whether you need to purchase or rent a forklift, need the added space afforded by industrial shelving, or require a whole system of material conveyor equipment, Reno Forklift has the material handling equipment and experience to help with all your material handling equipment needs. Come check out our product catalog or contact us online today! We look forward to hearing from you!

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