What is Materials Handling Equipment?

Basics of Materials Handling Equipment

Materials handling equipment are mechanical equipment that are utilized in moving, storing, controlling, and protecting products and materials throughout the cycle processes of manufacturing, distributing, consuming, and disposing. There are four major types of these equipment:

  1. Transport equipment – These are designed to transfer materials from the point of origin to the point of destination. For instance, materials need to be moved between different workplaces, to and from shipping docks or storage facilities. The main equipment under this category include industrial trucks, cranes, and conveyors. There is also the option of manually transporting materials without the use of any equipment.
  2. Positioning equipment – These handle materials at one given location at a time. They are designed to orient, load and unload, and feed materials to ensure proper positioning for future machining, handling, transfer, or storage. These equipment often stay put on-site for long periods of time.
  3. Unit load formation equipment – These are used to limit materials in order to keep and protect their integrity during single load transports or storage.
  4. Storage equipment – These mainly buffer and hold materials for long spans of time. Each piece of storage equipment is designed (together with the warehouse it is kept in) to minimize costs of handling, allow easy access for material retrieval, and maximize space utilization.

The process of materials handling requires a whole network of manual, semi-automatic, and automatic machinery and systems that allow the supply chain to work while supporting the company’s logistics.

It is important to adhere to the best practices when designing (and implementing) a materials handling system. This makes sure that each process and piece of equipment (manual, semi-automatic, or automatic) will work hand-in-hand in a given facility as one unified system.

Almost every industry today takes advantage of various materials handling equipment. These industries include: food and beverage, automotive and aerospace, hardware and construction, consumer goods, appliances, pharmaceuticals and hospitals, retail and e-commerce, manufacturing and materials processing, chemicals, plastics, paper, and warehousing and distribution.

By understanding the underlying principles of materials handling, implementing the right chain of command in between processes, and proper maintenance of equipment and facilities, businesses and industries can effectively pursue operations – be it manufacturing, storage, or transportation and delivery of their products and goods.

Materials Handling Equipment with Reno Forklift

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