Industrial Carts and Trailers

Industrial Carts and Trailers

Markets and Applications

The Polaris GEM® is a vehicle that’s positioned between a golf cart and a van or truck. Greater comfort and more built-in safety features than a golf cart. More economical and sustainable than a van or truck. Delivering a unique combination of benefits that give you THE SMARTER WAY TO MOVE.

Offering vehicles to move both people and cargo, along with hundreds of configuration possibilities, GEM is well-suited for a number of applications. No job is too big, no task is too small — with GEM electric cars, Polaris has always got you covered.


Facilities Maintenance

Enhance productivity with a made-to-order GEM® vehicle. From ground work to maintenance to security, GEM delivers a hard-working, sustainable mobility tool.



Grounds Maintenance

With a carrying capacity of up to 1400 lbs and numerous utility accessories, GEM is ideal for grounds maintenance.


Indoor & Outdoor Hauling

GEM is an electric vehicle, meaning you can haul gear both indoors and outdoors.



GEM is both designed for stop and go driving and has options such as the amber light bar, perfect for security patrols


Custom Applications

When it comes to getting the job done, having the right tools matter. GEM offers optional factory-warrantied accessories, that can be installed in production or by a dealer. If your job requires more customization, GEM can be upfit with designed or third-party solutions.


The Best Way to Go About Your Business

For over 60 years, Taylor-Dunn has been designing and manufacturing high quality industrial and commercial vehicles to match your specific application. Choose one of over 60 standard vehicle models, or ask us to design and build a custom vehicle to help you move people, carry material, and tow loads. Whether you choose a standard model or a custom vehicle, we have the right vehicle to get the job done.

Industrial cart burden carrier
  • Burden Carriers 
  • Tow Tractors 
  • Personal Carriers 
  • Stockchasers
  • Electric Trams 
  • Utility Vehicles 
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