Regular Forklift Maintenance as Part of Materials Handling Equipment Management

Forklifts are among the most common materials handling equipment in almost all industries. They are considered to be rugged machines that can withstand tough conditions. With this in mind, regular servicing of forklifts is a must as part of maintaining a fleet of materials handling equipment. Regular forklift maintenance will ensure that there will be no disruptions in the workflow involving this piece of equipment.

How Often Should You Maintain a Forklift?

The very first thing to do is to determine the frequency of maintenance needed. This begins with having the equipment undergo an engineering analysis. This assessment will take a look at the forklift’s age and current condition, its overall value, how long it has been used (hours of operation), how hard it has been working, safety requirements according to standard regulation, any vulnerability to damage, readjustment needs, its service record, and if there is any previous maintenance work order put in place.

This analysis goes hand-in-hand with checking in with the operators and maintenance personnel handling the forklift.

After analysis, the maintenance schedule can be determined. It can be conducted on a daily, monthly, quarterly, semi-yearly, or yearly basis. By sticking to the recommended schedule, the forklift can be kept in top shape, prolong its use, and reduce any repair costs and production losses in the future.

Tips on Forklift Maintenance

Here are some general pointers to keep in mind when maintaining and handling forklifts:

  • Keep the forklift clean all the time to make detecting defective and worn-out parts easier. Use water when cleaning and stay away from any flammable cleansing products.
  • Only a trained professional should be allowed to inspect and maintain forklifts. Only qualified servicemen should be allowed to perform any repairs.
  • When replacing or repairing parts, only licensed gas fitters should be called on. The same applies for tire fitting – only qualified tire fitters should be put on the job.
  • Always tag the vehicle accordingly and promptly report problems to authorities when dealing with damaged forklifts.
  • All parts must be well-lubricated at all times.
  • Forklifts need to be fueled and charged at all times.
  • Ensure proper functioning of forklift gauges before every use.

Forklift Maintenance at Reno Forklift

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