Essential Warehouse Supplies

The efficiency, safety and reliability of a warehouse is only as good as the materials handling equipment it employs. Inadequate equipment means inadequate operations. And without the essential warehouse supplies, the warehouse is just a building. This essential warehouse equipment will make moving, manipulating, storing, organizing, and maneuvering easier and more efficient.

Space is an expensive thing in warehouses. Efficient movement and storage of inventory and merchandise are a must in order to optimize every inch of space. Essential warehouse supplies like forklifts, pallet jacks and industrial shelving will greatly help for this purpose. Let’s take a look.

Industrial shelving

This is a vital item in a warehouse. It helps optimize space, specifically vertical space. Industrial shelving will help make use of vertical space to free up more floor or horizontal space. This is taking advantage of cubic footage over square (floor) footage.

There are many different types of industrial shelving, depending on the required function. Shelving for stacking and storing pallets are the most commonly used type.

Pallet jacks and hand trucks

Items in shelves, especially in higher levels, will be a challenge to place and retrieve without pallet jacks and hand trucks. These are necessary in transporting heavy, large, bulky objects. Without these, movement of items will be a real pain.

A pallet jack is a hand pallet truck. These are simple to operate so as to move and lift pallets. The front wheels of the pallet jack are placed inside the fork ends. These forks will vertically separate from the wheels as the hydraulic jack becomes elevated. This movement will move the load upwards.

For moving large items horizontally, a power pallet truck or electric pallet truck will do the job better. These are ideal to use if the warehouse has a large space or for outside use. These are simple to operate and safe to use. Maintenance requirements are also minimal. Power pallet trucks work similarly to hand pallet trucks. The main difference is on the use of AC electric motor. Some models have a platform where the user can stand on during the entire operation. There is also a brake that can help keep the equipment in place during certain operations.


This trusty, unassuming equipment is a mainstay in any warehouse. This is one of the most basic warehouse supplies that acts as the backbone of all warehouse operations.

Forklifts help in moving merchandise around. With the bulky, large and heavy objects involved in warehouse operations, forklifts really come in useful. Imagine having to lift enormous boxes by hand.
The forklift is also designed to fit into tight spaces. This makes it the perfect tool to retrieve or to store items in a packed warehouse safely and easily.

Essential Warehouse Equipment with Reno Forklift

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