What are the Different Types of Pallet Jacks?

The pallet jack is a workhorse, the backbone of materials handling equipment. They are used in a variety of warehouse and department store settings to quickly and safely move objects and product. When most people think of a pallet jack, they think of the commonly used manual

pallet jacks you see at Walmart and other department stores. The reality is that there a number of types of pallet jacks. Pallet jacks are manufactured in a range of sizes, power options and lift capacity. Let’s take a look at the different types of pallet jacks.

Manual Pallet Jack

The manual pallet jack is the type of pallet jack you most often see taking up space in your local grocery store aisle. And there is a good reason for that: they are extremely well adapted to the confines and materials handling needs of the department store. They can fit in trucks and vans with ease and negotiate the narrow shopping aisles. Featuring a hydraulic jack that is manually operated from the handle, the manual pallet jack gets it name from the manual pump input to raise the fork. Manual pallet jacks have a capacity of about 5500 lbs.

Electric Walk Behind

This is the battery operated version of the manual pallet jack. The advantage of an electric walkie pallet jack is the electrical assist for lifting and driving. The operator presses a button to lift and lower loads and the machine has a drive wheel that helps convey the load. The operator does not need to pull the load and machine nor does the operator have to manually pump the handle to lift the load.

Rider Pallet Jack

The rider pallet jack is the big brother to the electric walk behind pallet jack. It is about as close to a full size forklift as pallet jacks get. Instead of walking behind the pallet jack, the operator is afforded a platform which he or she can step on to and ride along with the pallet jack as it drives. This is a great option for large warehouse operations where a lot of area needs to be covered quickly.

Types of Pallet Jacks with Reno Forklift

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