Choosing the Right Scissor Lifts for Your Job

Scissor lifts are hydraulic powered lifting platforms that can raise and lower heavy loads or workers. They get their name from the telltale scissor design of the lift supports, which unfold as the lift is raised and fold back up when lowered. This telescopic yet stable design allows the lift platform to be raised directly above the base. Positioning the weight above the base in this way provides platform stability that is unmatched in other aerial working platforms.

Why choose a scissor lift over other aerial working platforms?

A scissor lift provides a number of benefits over traditional ladders. The work platform of a scissor lift is relatively large and provides enough space to safely lift a worker and his or her tools and equipment. Further, the work platform is free standing and provides and level space from which to work surrounded by guardrails for fall safety. The mobility of the lift base allows for easy maneuvering. By comparison, a ladder is a cumbersome safety hazard that doesn’t provide adequate safety to the worker when working in hard to reach spaces.

Types of Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts come in all shapes and sizes. While commonly designed to lift workers and materials to great height, scissor lifts also come in smaller sizes used for lifting objects like pallets to lower heights. They come in a range of lift height and power options depending on the requirements of the work environment. We will survey a few below.

Low Level Scissor Lifts

Low level scissor lifts are ideal for use in indoor work spaces, such as warehouse, hangers or garages. A low level scissor lift reaches to a height of approximately 20 to 25 feet. Powered by an electric motor, they are light, which reduces stress on flooring, and feature smooth wheel surfaces designed for indoor use.

High Level Scissor Lifts

As the name suggests, high level scissor lifts can reach heights not accessible to low level lifts. They can reach heights up to 28 meters, which is more than adequate for a variety of high level work needs. They can be either electric powered or gas powered depending on the work environment.

Outdoor Scissor Lifts

Technically all scissor lifts can be used outdoors. But there are some design elements that make scissor lifts especially suited to outdoor work spaces. A scissor lift designated to outdoor use is usually a high level lift used to access telephone or electrical wires. They feature rugged pneumatic tires for rough terrain. Powered by a gas or diesel engine, outdoor lifts are not restricted to battery life or electrical connection.

Pallet, Tote and Dock Lifts

The small scale cousin of the conventional scissor lift, pallet, tote and dock lifts use the telltale scissor design to move

and manipulate pallets and other heavy objects in warehouse space. The come in a variety of designs and are often designed to be highly mobile. Dock lifts provide effective lifting power when moving heavy loads from a warehouse floor to the height of a tractor trailer truck bed.

Scissor Lifts at Reno Forklifts

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