Choosing the Right Industrial Shelving for Your Business

The efficiency of a warehouse, distribution center or other business that needs to store stuff, including restaurants and retailers, is only as good as the industrial shelving systems that are used. Industrial shelving is the heavy duty, glamour free shelving you see at warehouse stores. Used right, industrial shelving can save you thousands of dollars in storage costs.

With industrial shelving, you can turn a modest sized warehouse or storage environment into an efficient and effective storage system. It can even mean the difference between having to expand to another building for storage or not. With that kind of money on the line, it is important to get the right kind of shelving for the job. Below is a brief intro to industrial shelving and how it can be used to increase the overall storage capacity of your business.

Rivet Shelving

Though not all that pretty, rivet shelving is one of the most reliable, durable and easily deployed industrial shelving types. Also known as bolt less shelving, rivet shelving uses a series of interlocking rivets and gravity to provide a platform for materials. The rivets are affixed to the shelf and slide into pre-fabricated slots on the shelving frame. All that is needed is a few taps of a rubber mallet and they lock into place. Gravity does the rest.

Wire Shelving

Wire Shelving is a type of metal shelving that consists of wire mesh supported by a metal frame. Due to its construction, wire shelving is relatively light weight when compared to other steal shelving types. Resistant to rust and mold due to its small surface area, wire shelving is commonly used in places that require clean environments, such as food storage.

The wire decking used in wire shelving makes it difficult to store small items which may fall through the wire gaps and is best suited for larger items or items contained in boxes.

Bin Systems

For small items, a bin system is a great way to optimize your storage area. Bins can be used as an accessory to wire shelving. The bin/wire systems allows for storage of smaller items and removable bins for quick retrieval and movement. Bin systems also come a self-contained units. They are great for storing parts, nail, screws or other tools that need to be readily accessed and separated by size or use.

Pallet Racks

If your business or warehouse uses pallets or other large items, you may want to look into pallet rack systems. Pallet rack systems are large, heavy duty industrial shelving systems designed in both length and height to store fork lift pallets and the items that come on them. Pallet racks allow for the easy and rapid storage of pallet merchandise in a way that maximizes storage potential.

Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving features all of the designs mentioned above with the exception of pallet racks. Mobile shelving units feature omni-directional wheel housings that allow for the easy movement and reconfiguration of you storage space. In addition, they are a great way to move heavy items without the risk of injury.

Industrial Shelving at Reno Forklift

Reno Forklift is your one stop premier supplier of industrial shelving solutions and is dedicated to bringing you all your industrial shelving needs. We carry a range of shelving options, systems and parts, including pallet racks, bin shelving, wire shelving, bolt less shelving and rivet shelving. Whatever your shelving needs, Reno Forklift will provide you professional and courteous assistance in choosing the best shelving solution for your business. Come check out our online catalog and contact us today!

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