Choosing the Best Industrial Scales for Your Operation

Industrial operations require a good degree of accuracy and precision when it comes to moving large, bulky or heavy items. The safety of employees, the desire to limit potential damage to moved product and warehouse and operational efficiency are constant concerns. When it comes to safety, moving heavy objects presents a small margin of error. One wrong calculation could lead to the failure of equipment and cause severe damage or injury. In order to reduce these risks, industrial scales are used to weigh objects and material. The weight of the object dictates how it can be moved, where it can be placed and what equipment can handle the job.

Industrial scales are also used to get an accurate weight measurement of items and product for the purposes of inventory and sale value. Some industrial scales are small and offer the precision needed when weighing small objects. Other industrial scales, like those mentioned above, are larger and are used to get an accurate measure of heavy objects. To help you get a better grasp of what type of scale best suits you needs, below is brief introduction to the types and limits of industrial scales.

Platform and Floor Industrial Scales

As the name implies, platform and floor industrial scales are large floor scales used to weigh very heavy objects. They are used to determine load capacities. If concern rises that an object or load may be too heavy for a specific piece of equipment or storage area to handle, the scale will give a warehouse employee or manager the ability to determine with precision whether the load is suitable. This ability is both a safety and efficiency concern. An improperly loaded object can cause equipment failure, such as an overloaded forklift or industrial shelf, causing potential severe injury and costly damage.

A type of floor scale that is commonly used in warehouses is the U-shaped floor scale. The U-shape floor scale’s low profile allows for an operator to load the pallet, tote or skid without having to lift the load very high. This makes for fast and accurate weighing and storing.

Forklift Scales

A forklift scale is a relatively hi-tech solution to warehouse weighing needs. The forklift scale attaches directly to the forklift cleat and transmits weight data to the operator via blue-tooth technology. This designs allows an excellent amount versatility and efficiency. With a forklift scale, no longer do forklift drivers have to haul a heavy load across a crowded warehouse to get an accurate measurement. The forklift scales can weigh the object right when it is lifted. The driver can then make a determination immediately. If you are looking to increase warehouse efficiency, a forklift scale is an ideal addition to your operations.

Crane Scales

Crane scales attach to the end of a crane tether or fixed beam. The are used to measure objects that are not easily weighed by traditional floor scale. If you need to weigh objects that do not balance well on their own and may fall and cause damage on a floor scale, a crane scale allows you to hook the item to the scale and raise it slightly to get a measurement. If you are in the business of weighing oblong and unstable items, a crane scale may be just the thing for you.

Bench Scales

A bench scale is ideal for weighing small to medium size objects in a laboratory or metal or wood shop environment.

They can be used in retail environments to weigh merchandise and food. Counting scales are type of bench scale that offer extremely precise measurement of small objects.

Mobile Scales

Mobile scales are great for weighing a large variety of objects. If your operation requires that a scale be readily movable, a mobile scale is an ideal option. Mobile scales come in many shapes and sizes depending on your needs.

Industrial Scales with Reno Forklift

No matter the type of scale you determine you need for your operations, Reno Forklift is Northern Nevada’s number one provider of quality, durable and accurate industrial scales. Reno Forklift has a wide selection of industrial scales to suit your needs. From small bench scales to large floor and forklift scales, Reno Forklift is here to help you with all your industrial weighing needs. Come check out our industrial scales in our online catalog or contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you!


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