Choosing a Hand Truck That Works for You

The hand truck is one of the most common and versatile material handling aids. They are commonly used to move refrigerators, stoves and other large furniture when moving and in warehouses for a variety of tasks. The mechanical advantage afforded by the lever action of the platform and wheeled fulcrum make them a powerful assistant on any job where heavy things need to be persuaded into motion. Because of this, hand truck owners are always the first to be asked by family members, coworkers and friends to help them move. And if they somehow manage to escape the heavy lifting, the owner usually offers the truck on loan to absolve their laziness.

This is all in jest. Hand truck owners are good, charitable people willing to lend a hand at any time. And before they lend their muscle and equipment to a job, they do research on the type of hand truck they need. Let’s take a look at some different types of hand trucks and how they can help you as you spend your weekend moving your coworker’s 30 year old washing machine out of his basement. Besides giving you the ability to lift things without causing strain or injury, hand trucks are also a great way to make new friends.

The Standard Hand Truck

The standard handtruck is first a foremost an extremely efficient lever. The thin, yet durable, metal lifting surface allows you to slide it under appliances and other heavy objects with low ground clearance. The angled handles provide an excellent lever action, allowing you to manipulate objects that would otherwise take a team of men and a perhaps a mule to move a few feet. They come in a variety of sizes and have a range of wheel and tire options to fit the environment in which you will be working.

The Hybrid Hand Truck/Dolly

A hybrid hand truck allows you to easily convert the machine to a dolly. The dolly feature allows you to stack oblong

and odd shaped objects on the platform. Make sure to use the proper lift techniques when loading the dolly feature to avoid injury. The two in one feature can convert from a hand truck, for moving the washing machine, to a stable platform to stack and move smaller items like boxes of comic books.

Hand Truck Lift Combination

A hand truck with a lift feature is an incredibly useful tool when the item you are moving needs to be elevated for storage. The lift feature allows you to transport the item and get it into its storage position without having to remove it and place it on a separate lift system. These hand trucks are commonly used in warehouses where elevate storage is widely used.

Other Features

Hand trucks come with other features, including a folding lift platform for easy and space saving storage and even a stair climbing design for those bulky moves up and down stairways. As with all tools, they have limitations. Some items may be too big or too heavy for a hand truck and may need a pallet jack or forklift to be safely moved.

Even though a hand truck at your disposal means greater lifting power, it is still possible to injure yourself if you are lifting a heavy item incorrectly. We recommend you use proper judgement and refer to proper lifting techniques when moving or lifting any heavy items.

Hand Trucks at Reno Forklift

No matter what your hand truck or dolly needs, Reno Forklift has a wide selection of hand tucks, dollies and cart platforms for you to choose from. As Northern Nevada’s #1 supplier of material handling products, our expert team can assist you in making the right choice of hand truck for your job or business. Check out our hand truck selection in our online catalog, stop by or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!

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