11 Essential Warehouse Spring Cleaning Tips

Warehouse managers and business owners are among the professionals most likely to feel overwhelmed when it’s time for warehouse spring cleaning and forklift maintenance. The following 11 tips for warehouse spring cleaning will save you both time and money as well as restore your optimism that this season will bring in more profit.

Spring just makes us feel more positive until we walk into an unorganized place of work then that sense of happiness starts to wane a little. Help keep your warehouse pleasant and safe for all workers while also being ready for any inspections this year.

Safe Warehouse Practices

1. Familiarize yourself with the most current warehouse safety policies and laws, especially those concerning forklift maintenance and operation. Staying up to date will save you time from having to redo something that won’t pass a later inspection in its current state.

2. Keeping the current warehouse safety policies visible, schedule regular mandatory checks for overall warehouse cleanliness, organization, and equipment maintenance. This will help to ensure a safe warehouse all year around.

Communicate with Employees for Best Solutions

3. Have an ‘open door’ policy where any employee can come in and speak with you. Employees can let you know about things that need to be fixed or taken care of in some way in the warehouse. If having an ‘open door’ policy isn’t a viable solution, ask employees to send you an email or fill out a quick comment form.

4. Talk to your employees. Your employees who work in a certain environment every day will have great ideas and input about how to better organize the space to increase their work productivity.

Have a Plan

5. Make sure to choose a time for cleaning your warehouse when the facility will be less crowded. Warehouse spring cleaning should be a way to help your company make more money, not something that interrupts regular productivity.

6. Before starting the maintenance and cleaning routine, have a checklist prepared for all the small tasks you need to complete by a certain deadline. Part of this routine should include scheduling equipment checkups with professionals. These regular, professional checkups are an investment and will save you a great deal of stress, money, and time in the future.

7. Give some thought to industrial psychology. Industrial psychology is a discipline that considers the human condition to increase work productivity. Schedule cleaning sessions when your crew is the most productive and give reasonable, lucrative incentives.

Warehouse Spring Cleaning Tips to Use Throughout the Year

8. Keep items from piling up by scheduling a day once a month to throw out any items you don’t need. Stock frequently used items that are out in plain view instead of hiding them in a pile.

9. Machine repair and cleaning supplies should be kept in a single, known area of the warehouse. Ideally, these items are placed in a hidden and accessible place near a wide-open area where an employee, preferably a professional, can work on repairs when needed.

More Hacks for Warehouse Spring Cleaning

10. Try to avoid giving any one employee a cleaning job that takes more than a couple of hours to complete. The most efficient way your warehouse will be in top shape during inspections is to ensure that your employees are in top shape. Make sure employees are not burned out and distracted while cleaning and organizing. Instead of giving one job to a single person, divide a bigger job among three or four people if possible.

11. Recognize when a cleaning or maintenance job is better handled by cleaning and maintenance professionals. Working daily in a cluttered or neglected environment will cause morale to plummet, which hinders productivity. Avoid this unnecessary frustration by taking appropriate action, either by assigning a couple of employees to the task or calling a professional to fix the problem.

All warehouses that are used to store items or manufacture materials need regular equipment maintenance, general facility cleaning, and organizing. The people who work in the facility daily are the best ones to communicate warehouse cleaning priorities because they see the place from a different perspective than the manager or owner.

It doesn’t take years to learn how to keep warehouses clean and organized or how to safely use heavy equipment like forklifts. Warehouses that use forklifts daily need to ensure that their equipment is always kept in safe and optimal working conditions. You can contact us with any questions about safe cleaning materials and procedures or safe warehouse practices.

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